Handling Fees

Orders that don't contain meat: $2

Orders that contain meat: See Below

Shipping Seasons for Meat

Mid Oct. through Mid Apr.
$4 handling fee

Mid Mar. through Early Nov.
$10 handling fee

The increase in price is due to the coolers necessary for shipping in hot weather. The fee is for meat products only and is inclusive of all handling fees.

Critical Shipping Information

In order for your meat purchase to arrive in the best possible condition and avoid any transit delays, we can only ship sausage and/or meats on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We are proud that our sausage has no artificial preservatives, which means it has to arrive in a timely fashion. The website defaults to UPS shipping options appropriate for the destination, which for many locations outside of the Southeast US is 2nd Day air.  If we find an alternative shipping method that gets the product to you on time, we will use the lowest cost option.

We reserve the right to substitute certain items in gift boxes for another item of equal value should we run out of listed products.

Smoked Pork Chops

Smoked Pork Chops
Availability: In Stock
Price: Available in store only.
Ex Tax: $0.00


$5.95 per pound (Available in store only)

Come shop at the store to see our full selection of meats, including these fresh smoked pork chops, select cuts from our best stock.