Handling Fees

Orders that don't contain meat:

Orders that contain meat:
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Shipping Seasons for Meat

Mid Oct. through Mid Apr.
$4 handling fee

Mid Apr. through Mid Oct.
$10 handling fee

The increase in price is due to the coolers necessary for shipping in hot weather. The fee is for meat products only and is inclusive of all handling fees.

We reserve the right to substitute certain items in gift boxes for another item of equal value should we run out of listed products.

Old Fashioned Hoop Cheese

Old Fashioned Hoop Cheese
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Price: $6.75
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Only $6.75 per pound

Hoop cheese is difficult to find on the market, because it cannot be manufactured by machines. But at Bradley's we have hand-made hoop cheese, perfect for a unique gift to your family and friends. Great for Corporate Gifts Too! Only $6.75 per pound and is also available by the hoop.