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Handling Fees

Orders that don't contain meat:

Orders that contain meat:
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Shipping Seasons for Meat

Mid Oct. through Mid Apr.
$4 handling fee

Mid Apr. through Mid Oct.
$10 handling fee

The increase in price is due to the coolers necessary for shipping in hot weather. The fee is for meat products only and is inclusive of all handling fees.

We reserve the right to substitute certain items in gift boxes for another item of equal value should we run out of listed products.

Gift Packs

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Bradley's Complete
1 1/2 lb Sausage, 1 1/4 lb Hoop Cheese, 2 lb Stone Ground Grits, Wildflower Honey*, Fig Preserve, Mesquite Steak Sauce, Red Rasberry Dipping Sauce *Due to very limited local supplies, Tupelo Honey is only available upon request for an additional $10 upcharge. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Ex Tax: $47.50
Bradley's Famous Smoked Sausage
(Minimum 4 pound order for shipping at $6.75 per pound. You can select from 2 different spice packages.) 1 pound of sausage. Produced and proccessed by hand and smoked on Bradley's premises from 100 percent pork. No additives or preservatives are added other than Bradley's secret 1910 flavoring and spice package.  Gluten-free and sugar-free.
Ex Tax: $6.75
The Country Boy
2 lbs. Coarse Ground Grits, 1 1/4 lbs. Smoked Sausage, Mayhaw Jelly (8oz)
Ex Tax: $21.95
Bradley's Appetizer Pack
1 1/4 lb. Bradley’s Smoked Sausage, Jalapeño Honey Mustard (16oz), 1 lb. Hoop Cheese
Ex Tax: $23.75
The Florida Cracker
The perfect selection of southern trademarks. A bag of Cracklins (12 Oz), 12 oz Wildflower Honey*, and two pounds of cornmeal. *Due to extremely limited local availability, Tupelo Honey is available only upon request with an additional $10 upcharge.
Ex Tax: $15.95
A Sweet, Capital Idea
Apple Butter (8.5oz), Mayhaw Jelly (8oz), Toasted Pecan Syrup (8oz)
Ex Tax: $17.95
Bradley's Favorites
Jalepeño Honey Mustard (16oz), Mayhaw Jelly (8oz), Vidalia Onion Relish (8oz)
Ex Tax: $18.95
The Hot Pack
Red Pepper Jelly (8oz), Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (12oz), Green Pepper Jelly (8oz)
Ex Tax: $19.95
The Sweet Tooth
Apple Cinnamon Jelly (15.5oz), Blackberry Syrup (8oz), Toasted Pecan Syrup (8oz)
Ex Tax: $18.50
The Sweet Corn
A great gift pack of the best grains and jelly in store. Two pounds of our Coarse Ground Grits, two pounds of Bradley's Cornmeal, and a jar of Mayhaw Jelly (10 oz)
Ex Tax: $17.95
Barbeque Perfection
Pork & Poultry Moppin’ Sauce (12oz), Apple Cinnamon Barbecue Sauce (12oz), Habañero Sauce (12oz)
Ex Tax: $18.95